Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update blog!

It's been a few days, and it's time for an update!

Red hair update: 5 days have passed since I dyed my hair red. The 'new' factor has worn off and it's time to be critical. I still like it, but I've encountered a few problems. I can see my roots already, mostly around my forehead. My friend who dyed my hair was careful not to dye my skin, but in doing so has left some fairly noticeable roots. The other issue is that I own a fair amount of red, pink and orange clothes which don't go with my new 'do, including my coat. It is fun and looks great if I'm wearing black, and I've done my makeup, but doesn't work so well every day. On the plus side, it makes my green eyes really stand out.

TYSIC update: I looked at my resume today for the first time since September. Within a few moments of reading it and trying to update it I've gotten anxious and worried again. But in the spirit of facing my fears I booked an appointment with a career counselor to go over my resume together on Friday. By making an appointment I have made it impossible for me to back out. I'll probably make a few more appointments there in the near future.

Comedy update: If you're following me on twitter you'll know that over the past few days the idea of flying to London in mid-May for comedy goodness has crossed my mind. A financially stupid idea, yes, but I was tempted by the idea of seeing Git, Fat Tuesday and Derren Brown!!! (not to mention a bunch of friends). I looked at flights but was waiting to book until I found out my work schedule.
However, this morning I found out that Craig Ferguson and Eddie Izzard are both performing in Toronto in the near future (Craig on the 23rd of April and Eddie on April 30th-May 2nd). This would make more financial sense, and even two round trips to Toronto on the train and more expensive tickets would be more financially sensible and less time-consuming than a week in London. I've never seen Craig or Eddie live before, so this'll be great!
The idea of going to London is still really really tempting (I really want to see my friends, and Git), but I think I'll opt for comedy in my own country instead. I'll try and bring some of my 3D friends along too!
This is giving me a little more hope about lasting till Edinburgh without going insane. I'll have comedy to look forward to at the end of April (twice) and once or twice in July (with Just for Laughs festivals in Montreal and Toronto) before going to Edinburgh in August. Seems like I've got myself set up for comedy in the summer. It's the drought from September till March that I'll need to work on next year.


  1. You need to decide whether you really like your hair, want to go back to you natural colour or something in between. Then if you are having trouble with a good technique for applying the dye then I suggest you get it done professionally.

    The TYSIC plan sounds good, outside help is good, and someone who knows what they are talking about.

    I think your Toronto plan makes more sense, especially if you can save more money for your Edinburgh trip. I too have tried to book at least one little (not too expensive) comedy trip or local show per month until then, but am focussing on saving for a great summer.

  2. Thanks Nic! I'll think it through, the main problem with having my hair dyed is the maintenance. I'll probably use what red dye I have left for maintenance till the middle of the summer, then get it professionally dyed back to normal before Edinburgh.
    I'm leaning way more heavily toward Toronto right now. It just makes more sense.

  3. Craig Ferguson Live is fantastic! Not to be missed. I saw him in Boston and every now and then I still randomly giggle.