Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 2010

Hello readers! It's been far too long since I've updated. So here goes,

The hair - It's fading at a ridiculous rate now. I got asked by the dentist 'what colour was your hair originally?'. Charming. I might have to switch to a more manageable gingery brown later.
The resume - I finally fixed up my resume completely. It's done. Ready enough to send out to people.

Miscellaneous - I'm thinking about booking a counseling appointment as part of my 'being happier' section of TYSIC. I've been fairly apathetic about life recently and have thought that I might be depressed. I tend to get a bit depressed in the winter, what with horrible cold and no sun. The clocks have been forwardly sprung for about a month now (in Canada) and the weather's been lovely, but I still feel down, and can't be bothered with anything at the moment. It's been a year since my old job started going really badly downhill and about 6 months since I quit that job. Despite getting out of the situation that made me feel horrible, my desire to do work hasn't started up again and I feel almost completely apathetic toward my degree. I just want it to be over. Anyway, that's enough whingeing, but I hope that counseling might help me piece together my shattered self confidence and get back on track. Plus, it's free through my university, so I won't waste any money.

If anyone has any feedback on counseling experience, or any of the other things, please comment! Thanks for reading!
x Sarah


  1. counselling-wise - i've tried it, it helped a bit. if its free, and you can find the time, i'd definitely go for it. it can't make things worse. xx

  2. I spent the best part of about 2 years in counselling on and off.
    The first lot, with a voluntary organisation was admittedly a bit crap. There was a lot of "what do your emotions look like?" I kid you not. "lets draw a picture of them"
    I saw a social worker briefly who was very into the idea of drawing things and talking to my Dad. She said she'd book an appointment and then left the city.

    I even got to see a psychiatrist and go on meds for a while, I can't recommend that if its not absolutely necessary.Having said that I was scared of her, as were several other people with her as their doctor.

    By far the most useful (on a personal level) was something called the Girls Group, there was only ever 7 or 8 of us at most, an some weeks only two or three would turn up, sometimes we talked, or played board games or helped each other. Sometimes it was your week to be really focussed on and others it wasn't, I spent well over a year going there, getting properly well. More importantly I made some really good friends there, two of whom i'll see next weekend.

    So if you can find something that works for you do it! There's no shame in it, an it really, really helps.

  3. I think that it's worth taking up the counselling, espescially if it's free. And maybe it'll be good to talk to a neutral person about the stuff going on Boy wise.


  4. I think these are some really positive steps. The fact that you are actively seeking counceling suggests you are ready to make a change and as for the boy, it sounds like you're probably better out of it....being single isn't so bad either.

  5. i'm sure you alread know of this, but if you tend to get more depressed in winter, you might have Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is exactly what it sounds like.
    might be worth looking into, just in case. the more you know about how you are, the better you can approach doing something about it.