Saturday, July 10, 2010

Comedy Fun Times (Minchin/Burnham duet show, the second)

I’m so glad I went to the Tim/Bo duet show again! Last night was amazing! I was walking up to the venue (nearly an hour early) and while looking with dismay at the already large queue for the show a man shouted ‘are you Sarah?’ at me. I was slightly confused, and fairly surprised, but tentatively answered ‘yes’. Turns out this man was Julianna (the angry-feeter I was meeting up with)’s Dad. I was a tiny bit worried about being able to find her, so that made it easier. I gave Julianna a big hug and spent some time chatting with her and her parents in the queue. Julianna showed me an amazing pencil drawing of Tim! It’s so beautiful! I wish I had talent...
Anyways, then I decided to get a drink at the bar and took Julianna (yep, she’s 13) with me. I felt a little bit creepy. Especially since Julianna is 4’10” and I was 6’2” thanks to my heels. We had a great chat, mostly about Tim and comedy, and Edinburgh, she’s the coolest 13 year old that I’ve ever met (and she puts 13 year old me to shame).

The delightful Julianna and me!

Anyways, we got quite a nice table, 2nd table back right in line with the piano (WHICH WAS A REAL PIANO TONIGHT!!!!). I was really happy with our seats! They switched things up for the second show and Tim came on first. He was noticeably perkier and more energetic tonight, as he tried to climb the fake staircase on the Second City set. He then climbed back down the real stairs and landed up on top of the piano. There was quite a bit of awkward faffing about on top of the piano (to jump or not? Where to put the beer?) Before he jumped down to a round of applause. He kicked off the show with ‘Rock and Roll Nerd’. What can I say? He did an excellent version, with my favourite line ‘but the bitch is always fine, at half past 9 when we go to bed’. He then found a 16 year old lesbian couple in near the front (surprised he didn’t see tiny, 13 year old Julianna looking young) and talked to them for a bit. This sparked a story about his daughter who told him that she wanted to marry her friend, for which he improvised a beautiful punchline (after telling us that the story didn’t have one).
I love his jeans! I didn't just take a shameless photo of his arse... *shifty eyes*

Next up was ‘Inflatable You’. He seemed very surprised that we all knew the song and made us sing the words ‘masturbate at at all’ to his great amusement. After that he played the opening riff of Confessions, but when it received a massive cheer he said ‘well if you all know the punchline it doesn’t work’. He then asked the young looking girl if her name was Sarah as he introduced his next song, which was ‘If I Didn’t Have You’. It wasn’t, but he asked if there were any Sarahs in.. so I cheered. He looked disdainfully at me and told me my name was common. As someone in the audience pointed out, that’s a bit rich coming from a Tim. Anyways, ‘If I Didn’t Have You’ was excellent and the wiggle has really progressed since I last saw it. Next he played the Pope song. My suspicion that Tim is a fucking genius was confirmed as, with a proper piano, he managed to create a beautiful oompah feel completely on his own. Just excellent! Tim didn’t know what to play for his last song and people were shouting lots of stuff out (I wanted Phil Daoust). Then he looked over at me and said, I know Sarah likes ‘You Grew on Me’. I’m really glad he overruled my desire for ‘Phil Daoust’ because, on a proper piano, ‘You Grew on Me’ brought tears to my eyes. That really really is my favourite song of Tim’s. Absolutely beautiful! After a passionate and emotional performance, the crowd (myself included) couldn’t help but give him a standing ovation.
Tim signing my keychain (which has Tim on it)

The keychain (and a tired, bespectacled, me)

And Bo had to follow that. The pair didn’t do any of the drunky/tired banter from last night and Bo did his set. It was the same as last night and while this meant that some of the jokes lost their shine, it also meant that I caught some jokes that I missed last night due to super-speedy-fast talking. Bo seemed pretty aware that the crowd were mostly Tim fans tonight, but again, I thought he was excellent. After his set, Tim came back on stage and I thought, just for a split second, that they might do a duet. They didn’t. Not fair to tease me like that.
Bo is 6'6". Julianna is 4'10". I HAD to take this photo!

I brought Julianna over to the green room (I wasn’t sure where they’d be tonight) but was told that they’d be doing signings/photos at the stage door out back. So we went there. Tim was lovely as usual, and was much more awake this time round. I introduced him to Juliana, she got the picture she drew of him signed. Her parents took soooo many photos of her, Tim and me in various combinations. I got a lovely hug (or two) and kiss on the cheek from Tim.

He chastised me for saying that I was Sarah K on the forum, but not saying that I was @h2osarah on twitter, which is how he recognises me. He even said that he read my blog about yesterday’s show. So, if you’re reading this again Tim, stop wasting your time with my stupid fangirling, and thanks for reading!

My newest, most prized possession. This picture. He’s smiling!! (and yes, I know that I look like a twat, but it doesn’t matter, I’m happy)

Last night was brilliant! Julianna and her parents are amazingly good company (I'm mooching a ride back to Kingston with them today), Tim was on top form and (most importantly) there was a proper piano! I’m so happy! Roll on Montreal!


  1. Great stuff - thanks for the great review

  2. Your picture isn't as bad as mine with Tim, but then we're never happy with pictures of ourselves are we?
    Glad you had a most fantastic and yay for smaller gigs and signings. Not going to get that this time round in the UK.